Why teaching current affairs is essential in Aussie primary schools

January 28, 2020

One of the core objectives of the Australian Curriculum is to help Australian students grow into active and informed citizens. To do that, our kids need to be up-to-date with current affairs and able to reason using critical thinking skills engendered in the first years of primary school.

Teaching current affairs encourages students’ natural curiosity about the world they live in. It develops an interest in community and culture and helps to create inquisitive well-rounded people.

There is an often overlooked vehicle for teaching current affairs and critical thinking at the same time: maths worksheets.

How maths worksheets get more current affairs in the classroom

Teachers in primary schools across Australia are faced with a common problem. How do we develop empathy in students, link subjects together in relatable ways, and encourage curiosity all while trying to teach the jam-packed curriculum?

One solution is to combine current affairs and numeracy lessons using maths worksheets specially designed with real-world problems. Using their maths skills, primary school students are reasoning out real solutions.

From learning about Aussie animals, to calculating land areas, even solving budget problems – maths worksheets present endless opportunities to introduce valuable current affairs references into classrooms.

How current affairs + maths = success in primary schools

Traditional maths worksheets often present irrelevant problems. Students use their numeracy skills to get an answer, but they don’t always understand why the solution is important.

By presenting everyday maths problems in a colourful and engaging way, Matharoo maths worksheets are a combined solution to the dual problems or current affairs and lesson participation.

For teachers, Matharoo worksheets are a classroom-ready resource that ticks all the boxes of curriculum, current affairs and critical thinking.

For students, the problems foster a deeper understanding of how maths relates to everyday life – and vice versa.

Start a 2-week free trial to see how Matharoo maths worksheets are perfect for getting current affairs into primary school classrooms.

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