Matharoo builds positive attitudes in Australian students’ approach to Maths, while teaching powerful worded problem-solving skills in Maths.

Watching children ENJOY Maths again, FAST, is a real joy!
  • Matharoo was created with two important goals: to build positive attitudes in Australian students’ approach to maths, and also problem-solving skills in maths. 

    Matharoo is an innovative maths teaching approach that offers a simple answer to a complicated problem. How do we get Australian kids more interested in maths from a young age, stop the decades-long decline in maths skills, support teachers and parents, and do it all with one affordable resource?

    Designed to increase interest in maths and foster fascinations with problem solving, our unique worksheets are currently available for 4 primary school levels:

    • Lower Primary (Year 2)
    • Middle Primary (Years 3 & 4)
    • Upper Primary (Years 5 & 6)
    • Extension
  • Who are the Matharoo mob?

    This innovative maths teaching tool was the brainchild of Victorian educator Robin Philbrick. Robin spent 30 years in Government schools, working at every level from classroom teacher to Principal before moving on to build a network of tuition centres in Melbourne suburbs.

    Robin and his mob of Matharoo professionals are dedicated to fostering positive attitudes to mathematics in schools and homes across Australia, starting with worded problems that are of natural interest to children.

  • The Matharoo Difference

    Students need to build positive attitudes towards mathematics in all its forms in order to succeed. Before we look at the future, let’s pause on the present: maths skills Australia-wide have been in decline since 2000 if not earlier. We are falling far behind neighbouring countries when it comes to numerical reasoning and problem solving. Not only does that mean our kids are in danger of missing out on the best jobs, it also means our country is becoming less important as the rest of the world innovates.

    The critical thinking skills developed through Matharoo worksheets build students’ skills to problem solving using maths. This sets them up for success later in life. Maths is much more than sums, so to succeed our kids need to learn the importance of collaboration and problem solving from an early age.

  • Hop into Matharoo today

    To learn more about the maths teaching resource helping classroom teachers, students and parents re-engage in mathematics, have a look around our website.

    You can sign up for a two-week free trial of Matharoo or hop straight in to become a subscriber. If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to contact us directly online or by phone, email or post.

    Matharoo: simplifying positive maths engagement, in the classroom and in the home.

  • Real-world worded problems

    Forget the classic watermelon carts and trains travelling between made-up towns. Matharoo worded problems use interest packed everyday situations to encourage problem solving with more than numbers alone. They are engaging, challenging, relevant and conversational – just like maths in real life.

  • Designed for Aussie classrooms

    Matharoo presents maths worded problems tailored to all 4 primary levels: lower, middle, upper and extension. They are designed to support the curricula and NAPLAN prep. These problems use pop culture references, native animals, seasonal topics and more to inspire teachers, students and parents.

  • Support for time-poor teachers

    Imagine receiving fresh, royalty-free Australian maths worksheets in your inbox every Saturday afternoon. Matharoo Aussie maths worksheets make lesson planning easier for primary teachers with inexpensive, inspirational worksheets you can pop in your pouch ready to use to support your school’s current maths curriculum.

  • Decades of experience in every sheet

    Matharoo is the result of over 50 years of maths education experience. Our worksheets hand-pick the best methods and maths problems from an expansive body of knowledge. We draw experience from classroom teachers, Principals, private tuition centres and the very best of yesteryear’s proven maths problem-solving techniques, with the very best of today’s educational insights.

  • Problem solving beyond sums

    Maths is the universal language behind everything we do. Kids need to develop an interest in the magic of maths early on, to help them excel later in life. That means equating maths with real-world problem-solving, not just numbers on a page.

  • Low tech, high impact

    Around Australia maths standards have been declining for decades. Matharoo maths worksheets are one variable helping teachers reverse the trend, by getting kids re-engaged by maths at every primary school level. No screens: just pen, paper and conversation.

  • Fun and flexible worded problems

    Maths is about so much more than numbers. Students are encouraged to work either individually or together, or with their parents, to find the answers to a Matharoo worded maths problem. This teaches the importance of collaboration while building critical problem-solving skills.

  • Meet the team

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  • Get Started


    Matharoo provides the PERFECT supplement to your school’s current Maths programs. It’s the one-lesson-per-week focussing on WORDED problem-solving in a truly positive way. Students LOVE Matharoo.


    Busy teachers find Matharoo the PERFECT supplement to their Maths programs. It’s one copyright-free worded problem lesson delivered freshly each weekend, ready for use. 4 topical, results-oriented Primary levels.


    Parents seeking to build a solid Maths problem-solving foundation for their children, or wanting extension Maths materials, should look no further than Matharoo. Topical, powerful Maths that truly does “Make Maths Meaningful, and Fun”.

  • Testimonials

    • Matharoo — Positive Maths Indeed!

      The students really look forward to and enjoy their weekly problem solving adventures. Not only do they enjoy the challenges and the activities, it has really made a difference towards their degree of engagement and practical understanding of what real world maths involves. Many thanks!

      Maria T.
    • Powerful Maths Teaching

      Matharoo worksheets are a huge part of our resources and strategies towards making a difference in this area. Each teacher uses the worksheets differently. I personally have used your sheets EVERY Monday. I explicitly teach each question.

      Jane W.
    • Matharoo REALLY delivers

      Thank you for this year’s amazing work. My teachers and students have thoroughly enjoyed them… and I have enjoyed working on building the ‘Understand Operations’ part of our numeracy programmes.

      Rod K.
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