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  • Are you a teacher looking for some FRESH material that will perfectly compliment your Maths lessons and help engage students of all ages in a fun, interactive and relevant way?

    At Matharoo we deliver fun, Aussie-focused, worded math problems freshly written and straight to your inbox each week for you to use in the classroom students.

    They are engaging, unique, fun to use for students and teachers alike, and a GREAT investment at less than $9 per week for the entire 4-Level Pack, TOTAL (NOT per student!)

    For this investment you get access to 4 levels of math worded problems each week for you to use in the classroom.

    As a teacher you also have the option of selecting the level specific to the class you teach. If you don’t have a need for all 4 levels each level [Lower Primary, Mid Primary, Upper Primary and Extension] can be purchased individually for just $88 per year per level. That’s $2.20 per week!

    Each week you will be sent math worded problems for your school that is TOPICAL and RELEVANT for what is happening at that point in time.
    Maths co-ordinators, teachers and parents all find our worksheets incredibly helpful in building maths problem-solving skills – the kind of maths that students need into their future! Our Maths materials are suited to primary aged students from the age of 6 to 13, and ideal for remedial maths work in secondary schools.

    Click on each level below to read more about that level of content and to order today. Prices displayed are per year. If you’re looking for a term by term subscription specific please get in touch with us today.

    Once you join the Matharoo tribe you will be immediately added to our membership list where you will receive your first worksheets for the coming week that very weekend!

    You can also download our 2020 Order Form PDF for manual orders. For those wanting to choose this method of subscription please ensure you complete and send the form back to us promptly. An Invoice / Receipt will be forwarded to you within a couple of days.

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    • The students really look forward to and enjoy their weekly problem solving adventures. Not only do they enjoy the challenges and the activities, it has really made a difference towards their degree of engagement and practical understanding of what real world maths involves. Many thanks!

      Maria T.
    • Matharoo worksheets are a huge part of our resources and strategies towards making a difference in this area. Each teacher uses the worksheets differently. I personally have used your sheets EVERY Monday. I explicitly teach each question.

      Jane W.
    • Thank you for this year’s amazing work. My teachers and students have thoroughly enjoyed them… and I have enjoyed working on building the ‘Understand Operations’ part of our numeracy programmes.

      Rod K.
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