• Why is Matharoo such a POWERFUL Maths teaching tool, bringing FAST improvement?

    Recent research shows that Primary school children NEED to build solid Maths worded problem-solving skills on a regular basis. Matharoo does EXACTLY that, in a POSITIVE way, with Maths problems full of interest and relevance in today’s hectic world. Children LOVE Matharoo.

    Why is teaching Maths using TODAY’s prices, today’s movies, today’s tech so important?

    The children of today “live in the moment”. So, last year’s Maths problems are, to them, “history”. Matharoo brings a refreshing, topical range of Maths problems written freshly each week, building genuine student interest in the Maths world that surrounds them. All good!

    What makes MATHAROO unique?

    Schools across Australia (and beyond) supplement their Maths programs with Matharoo. Why? Because “The Matharoo Way” helps students quickly learn that Maths can be meaningful, and FUN! While, at the same time, building reading comprehension skills as well as Maths problem-solving

    Are answers to the worksheets supplied?

    Yes. Each worksheet comes with answers supplied, but on a separate sheet, to allow teachers to control release of answers.

    How can teachers best use these Matharoo worksheets?

    These Matharoo worded problem worksheets are designed to give primary teachers an excellent resource that is incredibly flexible in the classroom situation. Teachers can specify which worksheet should be tackled by each student within a class, which should result in all students reaching a level of success within their own skill range, along with a level of challenge. An excellent combination that will stand students in good stead in the area of mathematics.

    How are students weak in mathematics catered for?

    The mid-school worksheet provides ample opportunity for weaker students to achieve some level of success, without challenging them unnecessarily. Success is obviously vital to this group of students, and these worksheets will help motivate them to build a level of positive feeling towards mathematics, which is frequently absent from children who feel threatened by this curriculum area.

    How are "average" students catered for?

    There are ALWAYS an adequate number of worded questions on each Matharoo worksheet to allow “average” students to enjoy success on the easier problems, but be challenged to an acceptable level by the mid-range and more difficult questions. The teacher is the person who will recommend the most appropriate worksheet for each student.

    How are "gifted" children catered for?

    Gifted children will find the whole gifted and talented worksheet worthwhile, and challenging. These questions are considerably more demanding.

    What vocabulary is used?

    The vocabulary is restricted to a relatively low level of sight-vocab, but the degree of difficulty of the worded questions varies depending on the mathematical skill level being addressed.

    When does the week's worksheet change to the new worksheet?

    On each Saturday, the previous worksheet is withdrawn and replaced by the new, freshly-written worksheet.

    How do you receive the weekly worded problem worksheet?

    The worksheet is emailed to a subscriber on the Saturday of each weekend, ready to be used during the following school week.

    What is the annual subscription cost?

    The annual subscription cost varies depending on whether you are ordering for your school, for yourself as a teacher in a classroom, or as a parent for your child.

    Visit our subscription pages for each category to find out specific pricing based on your situation.

    For teachers and schools – you are able to make as many copies of the worksheets as you want each week at one set cost.

    For our 4 level subscription options a rough weekly breakdown is below

    Schools for a year subscription is just $12 per week. Not per teacher or student

    Teachers for a year subscription is less than $9 per week. Not per student

    Parents for a year subscription is less than $7 per week. Not per child.

    Unbelievable value in terms of quality of resource, and financial outlay!

    How do the skill levels help a teacher cope with individual differences of students?

    By offering three (3) distinct academic levels of written problems, teachers can quite easily offer appropriate levels of worded maths problems for each student. From gifted to remedial students, these sheets offer an easy, yet effective, mathematical work-out for most students

    What Maths topics are covered in these Matharoo Worksheets?

    These Matharoo maths worksheets are designed to cover key areas of the primary mathematics curriculum, specialising only in worded problems, which often present the greatest area of difficulty for primary students at all levels.

    What Year levels are covered in these Matharoo Worksheets?

    The sheets are designed to cover primary school levels from Year 3 to Year 6, with a third set prepared to challenge gifted and talented students. They virtually ensure that all students will experience at least some degree of success as they tackle problems up to their own personal skill level, and, hopefully, be tempted to tackle a step beyond their present skill level.

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