Year 2 Lower Primary Maths Worksheets

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  • The Year 2 – Lower Primary Maths Word Problem Worksheets (With Answers) are ideally created for children of the 5-7 age group. Adorned with colourful images and easy to follow, fun-filled math problems, the curriculum can ably interact with children’s varying learning processes, helping them overcome any weak points and gain more confidence about the subject.

    The interactive Aussie through and through worded math worksheets are written freshly every week and emailed out to recipients on Saturdays. The materials are copyright free, so can be used flexibly, whether for homeschooling, private tutorials, or addressing an entire classroom.

    This is not only a helpful guide for primary level pupils to get introduced to the world of mathematics, but a great resource for parents and teachers to be able to reach out to children with all the adequacy of this subject and prevent the young minds from getting scared of seemingly complex questionnaire.

    Since this is the first step for your child in the world of academics, Matharoo makes it a pleasurable beginning for the future geniuses, with our carefully graded question fodder that restores your child’s interest and fascination in Mathematics.

    Our unique, innovative, aussie primary math worded problem resource is the answer to the apparent missing link in maths teaching. Our Maths resources help students, teachers, schools and parents in 4 very clear and important ways.

    • Our Pack is fresh each week, and emailed out each Saturday afternoon;
    • Ready-to-use Monday Mornings and beyond — HELPING add vitality to Maths;
    • Questions include fun, topical, news & sport & TV & movie–based material;
    • 4 levels: Lower Primary, Mid-Primary, Upper-Primary and Extension. Support ALL Maths programs.

    You can download a free sample of one of our worksheets by clicking the button to the right.

    If you’d like a free 2 week trial of our Matharoo worded math problems get in touch today. We’d be happy to show you the Matharoo way and difference today.

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    • The students really look forward to and enjoy their weekly problem solving adventures. Not only do they enjoy the challenges and the activities, it has really made a difference towards their degree of engagement and practical understanding of what real world maths involves. Many thanks!

      Maria T.
    • Matharoo worksheets are a huge part of our resources and strategies towards making a difference in this area. Each teacher uses the worksheets differently. I personally have used your sheets EVERY Monday. I explicitly teach each question.

      Jane W.
    • Thank you for this year’s amazing work. My teachers and students have thoroughly enjoyed them… and I have enjoyed working on building the ‘Understand Operations’ part of our numeracy programmes.

      Rod K.
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