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  • The cognitive development of children in the Upper Primary level sees a relative change in their interests, talents and skills; it’s essential for mid-school curricula to adhere to students’ cognition levels, instead of simply dishing up bland “sums” — unchallenging, and unfulfilling.

    Success can become a sensitive issue for children of this age, with academic performance and better grades being as crucial to them as it might be for their parents and teachers. And in the process of pushy curriculums, children are often deprived of the enjoyment of learning a new thing.

    The Year 5 & 6 – Upper Primary Level Worded Math Worksheets are specially designed for children of 10-12 age groups with more difficult and challenging questions that are acceptable by an “average student” in an upper-primary level. The curriculum allows students to enjoy their success for being able to easily solve the math problems, but be challenged in a way they can confidently face.

    The worksheets primarily include meaningful and easy to follow mathematical problems created around special interests that children develop in mid-school, such as computer games, cars and bikes, Harry Potter, Avengers, animals and wildlife, and a host of current affairs. The random questions make valid use of various Aussie upper-primary math curriculums, without looking all to complex.

    We have sufficient number of questions to supply freshly written worksheets on a weekly basis, for an entire semester. This can really enhance children’s cognition levels, truly helping them to get ahead with better grades and establish better performance in their respective classes.

    Our unique, innovative, aussie math worded problem resource is the answer to the apparent missing link in maths teaching. Our Maths resources help students, teachers, schools and parents in 4 very clear and important ways.

    • Our Pack is fresh each week, and emailed out each Saturday afternoon;
    • Ready-to-use Monday Mornings and beyond — HELPING add vitality to Maths;
    • Questions include fun, topical, news & sport & TV & movie–based material;
    • 4 levels: Lower Primary, Mid-Primary, Upper-Primary and Extension. Support ALL Maths programs

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    • The students really look forward to and enjoy their weekly problem solving adventures. Not only do they enjoy the challenges and the activities, it has really made a difference towards their degree of engagement and practical understanding of what real world maths involves. Many thanks!

      Maria T.
    • Matharoo worksheets are a huge part of our resources and strategies towards making a difference in this area. Each teacher uses the worksheets differently. I personally have used your sheets EVERY Monday. I explicitly teach each question.

      Jane W.
    • Thank you for this year’s amazing work. My teachers and students have thoroughly enjoyed them… and I have enjoyed working on building the ‘Understand Operations’ part of our numeracy programmes.

      Rod K.
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