How to Prepare your Kids for the New School Year

January 28, 2020

There isn’t a primary school student in the country who doesn’t look forward to the end-of-year school holidays. Sunshine, fun activities, family time, and no homework on the horizon.

Summer holidays can quickly derail the good habits kids develop throughout the school year. And for a while, that’s ok. Kids need a break too – all work and no play, as they say…

But with the new school year approaching, it’s time to get kids back on track for a head start. There are a few things parents can do during the school holidays, including fun Matharoo maths worksheets, to keep kids sharp and energised for the year ahead:

  • Get back to a normal sleep schedule

When school goes back the sleep-ins disappear for kids and parents alike. Get into a good routine at least 2 weeks before school starts to avoid tired children on the first day.

  • Talk about school

Ask your child if they are excited for the year ahead. Which friends are they looking forward to seeing? What do they want to learn? Normalise school talk so it’s not a shock to the system later.

  • Use Matharoo maths worksheets

Our worksheets are not your normal numeracy. Using real-world scenarios and fun number puzzles, kids can keep learning over the holidays without feeling like they’re doing homework.

  • Set goals together

Helping your child to set achievable goals for the year ahead will keep you both motivated when schoolwork gets tough. Goals can be personal, educational or social. You can set your own goals as well, like taking 5 minutes for yourself before waking the kids up or refreshing your maths skills to help with homework.

Make Matharoo one of the stimulating activities you do with your child over the school holidays with a free 2-week trial. Our engaging maths worksheets are specially designed for Australian primary schools, with relevant problems that help students understand the why of maths.

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