Matharoo SCHOOL Upper Primary Problems for Terms 3 & 4, 2024

Matharoo SCHOOL Upper Primary Problems for Terms 3 & 4, 2024


Our Upper Primary (Year 5 & 6) Maths worded sheets are the perfect supplement to your maths curriculum giving you access to weekly sheets for your teachers to engage their students.

The Year 5 & 6 – Upper Primary Level Worded Math Worksheets are specially designed for children of 10-12 age groups with more difficult and challenging questions that are acceptable by an “average student” in an upper-primary level. The curriculum allows students to enjoy their success for being able to easily solve the math problems, but be challenged in a way they can confidently face.

The worksheets primarily include meaningful and easy to follow mathematical problems created around special interests that children develop in mid-school, such as computer games, cars and bikes, Harry Potter, Avengers, animals and wildlife, and a host of current affairs. The random questions make valid use of various Aussie upper-primary math curriculums, without looking all to complex.

These sheets, freshly-written and emailed out to schools Australia-wide each week, are building POSITIVE attitudes, and problem-solving skills, in students everywhere.

Think of it as a weekly positive maths stimulus for your teachers and students to keep kids engaged and positive about maths in the classroom!

Product Description

At Matharoo we are here to provide an inexpensive tool to help save maths in primary schools around Australia and New Zealand. We want to arrest the decline of maths in schools and re-invigorate teachers and students alike about the significance of maths in their lives.

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