Matharoo School Lower Primary Worded Problem Pack for 2020 School Year Term 3 & 4


Matharoo School Lower Primary Worded Problem Pack for 2020 School Year Term 3 & 4

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Our Lower Primary (Year 2 ) Maths worded sheets are the perfect supplement to your maths curriculum giving you access to weekly sheets for your teachers to engage their students.

All a school pays for these copyright sheets is — $3.75 per week, TOTAL! (NOT per student!) and your subscription means you can share all worksheets with all teachers are your school for just the one fee per week.

The Year 2 – Lower Primary Maths Word Problem Worksheets (With Answers) are ideally created for children of the 5-7 age group. Adorned with colourful images and easy to follow, fun filled math problems, the curriculum can ably interact with children’s varying learning processes, helping them overcome any weak points and gain more confidence about the subject.

These sheets are not only a helpful guide for primary level pupils to get introduced to the world of mathematics, but a great resource for parents and teachers to be able to reach out to children with all the adequacy of this subject, and prevent the young minds from getting scared of seemingly complex questionnaire. Since this is the first step for your child in the world of academics, Matharoo makes it a pleasurable beginning for the future geniuses, with our carefully graded question fodder that restores your child’s interest and fascination in Mathematics.

These sheets, freshly-written and emailed out to schools Australia-wide each week, are building POSITIVE attitudes, and problem-solving skills, in students everywhere.

Think of it as a weekly positive maths stimulus for your teachers and students to keep kids engaged and positive about maths in the classroom!

Product Description

At Matharoo we are here to provide an inexpensive tool to help save maths in primary schools around Australia and New Zealand. We want to arrest the decline of maths in schools and re-invigorate teachers and students alike about the value of maths.

To order your schools subscription of our Lower Primary level worded problems click the subscribe today button above. Alternatively you can download our order form above. Simply download this, complete your schools information and send the form back and we will get you a receipt/invoice forwarded to your school within a couple of days.

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