Matharoo Parent Extension Worded Problem Pack for 2020 School Year

Matharoo Parent Extension Worded Problem Pack for 2020 School Year


For Primary School children needing a challenge in Maths, these extension questions fill the bill perfectly. We have created a worthwhile extended version of the worded math worded problems with considerably more challenging and demanding questions that accelerate the skills and vocabulary of more capable Maths students in that age group.

All a parent pays for these copyright sheets is — $1.62 per week, TOTAL! and you get access to math worded questions delivered to your inbox for you to use with your child WEEKLY!

With the use of complex mathematical questions and reasoning, the Gifted/Extension Primary Maths Word Problem Worksheets, exercise the vocabulary of performer students, with various curriculums like percentage, accounts, fractions, speed and velocity and so on, that essentially challenge their strengths in an ambitious manner, but without being all too ruthless about it. In the process, gifted students with multiple intelligences, get the opportunity to gain more confidence to stay consistent in their current year, as well as get a sense of security for being prepared for their future years.

Despite being intended for extension students, they don’t lose out on the interactive and “fun” element. These questions too, are built around common interests of children, ideally in their pre-teens, such as the music, movies, television, pets and even politics. The nature of the maths problems not only enhance a child’s math vocabulary, but also brush up their general knowledge.

So go on. Give your child the best math support for their primary grades and establish their interest and fascination in the subject of Mathematics today with Matharoo. 

Product Description

At Matharoo we are here to provide an inexpensive tool to help save maths in primary schools around Australia and New Zealand. We want to arrest the decline of maths in schools and re-invigorate students about the value of maths.

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