How Maths Shapes our Young Ones

March 05, 2020

Maths in school is highly-valued for developing critical thinking, reasoning, and investigative skills. The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics aims to help students become confident, capable citizens with well-honed problem-solving and reasoning skills.

But we all know as teachers it can be difficult to balance the mix of maths’ importance, against the way it’s taught. That’s why we’ve compiled these easy tips for teachers who are trying to make maths more engaging, more POSITIVE, while juggling limited time and resources, in an otherwise packed Curriculum.

Top 10 reasons maths matters for students

  1. Maths develops critical thinking and creative problem solving
  2. Concepts taught in school have profound relevance later in life
  3. Investigative skills help students understand their world
  4. Maths sharpens students’ minds
  5. Careers using maths are more lucrative than ever
  6. Maths is a universal language, taking children all over the world
  7. Computers and technology run on maths
  8. Maths skills make other subjects more accessible
  9. Proficiency in maths develops self-motivation and confidence
  10. Maths improves logic and reasoning

Tips for teachers struggling with maths

Make maths relevant

Students learn better with content tailored to their interests. Maths worksheets with real-world examples are more accessible, more engaging and ultimately more effective.

Focus on real-world benefits

Giving students a reason to learn maths beyond passing a test will inspire a sense of purpose.

Mix up the approach

Don’t be afraid to use number problems, digital technology, group discussions, worded puzzles and hands-on activities in lessons to demonstrate the diversity of maths.

Keep it fresh

Our final tip for teachers: students take cues from teachers and parents. They know when you’re not interested. Finding new ways to teach curriculum content, both in class and at home, will motivate you and your children to love learning maths.

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