ANZAC DAY -- An Aussie maths worded problem opportunity, indeed!

April 19, 2020

Sometimes, life serves up an opportunity to encourage children to respect important parts of our Aussie history, while building their maths skills as well.

ANZAC DAY, next Saturday, is one such opportunity! For parents, for teachers, for schools.


How many of us hare heard repeatedly over the years, “When will I ever use THIS in real life?”?

Well, here’s the perfect opportunity.

To be sure, 2020 is an unusual school year, what with the Coronvirus and all! But, some things are key parts of our year. ANZAC DAY is one such commemoration.

How can we help?

We’ve prepared our fresh-weekly Matharoo worded problem sheets, as usual, this week.

Each of the 4 levels contains at least one maths-related question about ANZAC DAY, along with a whole lot of other topics of interest to children.

Access is easy: you can download a free sample worksheet today to use right away.

Why not?

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